Exceptional Autism Services Center in Richardson TX

We are excited to announce the opening of our newest center in Richardson, TX! Located on South Greenville Ave. near the 75 expressway, this is a modern facility dedicated to enrichment activities to build communication, social skills, school-ready skills, motor skills, and much more.

Behavior Pioneers, LLC is proud to partner with MOST/DFW, a fantastic speech and OT clinic, to offer clients optimal services by employing a total team approach. Individuals served at this location can elect to receive speech and occupational therapy along with ABA services, and will enjoy the benefits of ongoing collaboration by their service providers, ensuring that providers are working with each other rather than against each other.

Ready to find out more?

To inquire about therapy in Richardson, please feel free to contact our Clinical Director, Brian Tanenbaum or visit mostdfw.com for more information about speech and OT.

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