Renowned Irving ABA Clinic for Autism

Irving, ABA Center
Irving, ABA Center
Irving, ABA Center

Our Irving ABA clinic is located at 2400 E. Grauwyler Rd.  The center is spacious and filled with fun toys, learning materials, a ball pit, and an outdoor play area.

This center is a good fit for kids of all ages and ability levels.  The children will learn communication, social skills, self-help skills, and much more through a combination of work and play that is individualized for each child.

At Behavior Pioneers, we understand that it is not easy to entrust your child's care to others.  That's why we've installed 24-hour surveillance cameras in every room to ensure your child's safety.  Additionally, we encourage parent participation and involvement in therapy sessions.

Social skills groups are offered at this location as well!

Ready to find out more?

To inquire about ABA therapy in Irving, please feel free to contact our Clinical Director, Brian Tanenbaum.

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